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I design and create one of a kind custom wax cast jewelry and accessories, like lambskin handbags, phone cases  with silver pieces on them, hair accessories  with silver  and gems.

I learned the art of Lost Wax Casting in High School in Oregon, then went on to do more in College and took many more classes after college.

I show in many Juried shows in San Francisco, and Napa CA.

I had my own Jewelry store in San Francisco for a couple years, but now have my pieces in other stores, like Dantone on Union St. SF, and Jessel Gallery on Atlas Peak Rd. in Napa, email me for updated list.

I take the gem stones, form wax around them, make the mold, melt wax out in kilm, cast in whatever metal is desired, saw, grind, finish and polish piece then set the stone, it takes over a week to make one piece.  It's a labor of love.

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